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STUDIO DICENDI is an innovative online school, where we deal with communication on all levels:

teaching and improving foreign language skills. At the beginning, we teach how to communicate in speaking and writing simple messages, such as e-mails, text messages, and subsequently we develop these competences, adapting educational process to the specific needs and expectations of each individual student. From the beginning, we immerse you in the authentic language of the media, movies and daily conversations.

building your own image: fine-tuned exercises of verbal and non-verbal communication, particularly useful in searching for a job or clients, and/or taking oral exams.

negotiation workshops. Being able to conduct professional discussions, exchange opinions, negotiate with and persuade others is a must for us all these days.

Mindfulness building

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Who am I?

Three Master Degrees in: French Studies, Applied Social Sciences and Management reflect my three professional passions: foreign languages, negotiation and communication in an intercultural perspective. 

My bilingual life brings me every day fascinating discoveries of interpersonal communication.

I write and translate foreign language texts, teach French, Spanish, Polish as well as conduct negotiation and pro-social workshops.

Dominika Chorosz-Piotrowicz
Owner Studio Dicendi

author of books:



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