Communication coaching

We teach everyone regardless of age! We invite children, teenagers and adults.

Communication coaching

-Communication coaching

Business communication

Interpersonal communication should be a part of the curriculum of any education. We offer courses for students and adults working in the field of communication.
We approach:

– body languages

-communication style

-collaboration skills


-public speaking

-active listening

-feedback and input

-Communication coaching

Image building

We offer short theoretical courses and practical workshops on verbal and non-verbal communication. We practice body language, communicate your goals and information effectively, and teach how to write short argumentative and informative texts.

-Communication coaching


Negotiation is learned throughout life. We offer thematic workshops aimed at the efficiency of all stages of the negotiations. We teach you to prepare for negotiations and to adopt an effective behavior during discussions and exchanges with economic partners. Most of the courses take place using the project method.

-Communication coaching

Debates and rhetoric

In Anglo-Saxon culture, the ability to conduct debates is as evident as reading or writing. Our students learn to build arguments, organize them and draw conclusions from the exchange of views. The art of speech workshops provide practical tips and confidence in speech preparation.


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