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STUDIO DICENDI is an innovative online school, where we deal with communication on all levels.

We teach languages:

We teach languages:



Language courses

We teach everyone, children, teenagers and adults.

Communication coaching

Offer for companies.


We translate documents, films and more.

Tell us about your clients?

"Ms. Dominika is always prepared for lessons and 90 minutes passes faster than drinking a good coffee. After a year of French classes from the zero level, I can to communicate in simple situations without the slightest problem "
Krzysztof M.
''I really like lessons with Ms. Dominika, because we always play cool games and sing a lot. Ms. Dominika likes children very much.''
Ewa, 8 years old
"During the classes with Dominika, I finally felt like speaking and overcame the stage fright in business communication in French. I no longer aim for linguistic flawlessness, but for effective conversation"
Małgorzata S.
Project Manager


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